About Paperless Reading

Reason for this blog
I’ve always been a keen reader and have a pile of books that I grew up with at home. I love reading but found that physical books too cumbersome to hold in crowded public transports and unless you carry the books with you everywhere, it is hard to sneak in some reading during some downtime. I knew that e-readers were for me but the first generations of the devices were too big and too expensive for my taste.

Finally in September 2010, I found the perfect device and purchased an Amazon Kindle 3. Ever since owning the device, I found I’m reading more then ever and always looking for new materials to read. I love the Whispersync functionality where I can read on the Kindle at home and catch up with where I left off on my mobile device when I find some free time.

This blog was created to catalogue the books that I read and to record my opinions of the book. Most of the books that I review can be found on the Amazon Kindle bookstore or other ebook providers such asSmashwords and ManyBooks.net.

I enjoy all genres of books but my favourite genres have got to be Fantasy and Crime Fiction. In Fantasy, we have authors building worlds of epic proportion and creating the often impossible with just their imaginations. Some of my favourite authors of this genre are Terry Brooks (Magic Kingdom of Landover), Brian Jacques (Redwall), Terry Pratchett (Discworld) and R.A. Salvatore (The Legend of Drizzt).

As for Crime Fiction, my love stems from the thrill of the cat-and-mouse chase between the perpetrators and the lawful forces and the intrigues of a whodunit. Some of my favourite series includes the stories ofLincoln Rhyme, a quadriplegic forensics detective created by Jeffery Deaver and the manga series,Kindaichi Case Files.

My partners in crime includes an Amazon Kindle 3 that I use to do most of my digital reading. When I want to catch up on some quick reading while waiting in line or during commute I would take out my Nexus One along with the Kindle App or Adiko. I also subscribe to magazines on Zinio and read them on an iPad. I find the reading experience mimics the physical counterpart much better on the iPad than on the computer.

Contact me
I’m always open to discover new titles and new authors so please feel free to contact me atken@paperlessreading.com. I’m not the fastest reader or writer by any means so please bear with me if I haven’t put up a post in a while.

Hope you’ll find something you like in my blog.