Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke

Charles Dickens lived and breathed London in a way few authors ever have, before or since. In his fiction, his non-fiction, and even his own life, Dickens cast an extraordinary shadow over the city he so loved – so much so, indeed, that his name has become synonymous with a certain image of London. A London of terrible social inequality and matchless belief in the human potential; a London filled with the comic and the repulsive, the industrious and the feckless, the faithful and the faithless, the selfish and the selfless.

Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke is dedicated to bringing together original short stories by some of today’s finest genre authors – stories about London and inspired by Charles Dickens, the self-styled Sparkler of Albion.
Pandemonium: Stories of the Smoke is a collection of highly imaginative short stories inspired by Dickens and his London. There is a great variety of stories in this collection with works by both established and emerging authors. There are plenty of gems in this book and I’m sure everyone can something that they like in this collection of Dickensian short stories.

The stories that stood out the most for me were Inspector Bucket Investigates by Sarah Lotz, The Hound of Henry Hortinger by Michelle Goldsmith, An Unburdening of the Soul by David Thomas Moore, andAye, There’s the Twist by James Wallis.

Inspector Bucket Investigates is a wonderful mix of science fiction and the Dickensian world. Set in a theme park based on Dickens’s stories, Inspector Bucket must investigate who is killing off the clones in the park. The Hound of Henry Hortinger is an atmospheric and unrelentingly fast-paced story about the demise of Henry Hortinger. An Unburdening of the Soul paints a great picture of the poverty faced in Dickens’s London, although a little short and Aye, There’s the Twist is a modern day Dickens story with great twists and turns.

Recommended for anyone who is looking for something that is a little different to their usual science fiction and fantasy.

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