Incursion by Aaron Rosenberg

Incursion by Aaron Rosenberg

R.C. Hayes has settled into his job with the FBI, and put behind him the strange incident that ended his military career. But when he and his partner are sent to the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana to look into a murder, events take an unsettling and eerily familiar turn. R.C. struggles to solve the case as deaths pile up around him and as the situation takes a decidedly unnatural cast. With the help of a mysterious new ally, he may finally come to terms with what happened to him long ago—and enter a strange new career he is uniquely suited for. Provided he can survive the incursion of supernatural elements into his supposedly safe and mundane world.
You might recognise the name Aaron Rosenberg from a number of tie-in novels for established fan favourites such as WarCraft, Star Trek and Warhammer, just to name a few but he’s also done plenty of original fiction and Incursion is one of them.

Incursion is a fantastic supernatural story that has plenty of action and mystery to keep me turning the pages. I’m also a person that really enjoys mythologies and found it extremely refreshing to learn so many Native American myths that I have never heard of before. Incursion reminds me of some of the best episodes of classic X-Files and definitely has me interested in the rest of the series.

Incursion is one of the first books in the shared-world series titled O.C.L.T. which stands for Orphic Crisis Logistical Taskforce and is the brainchild of David Niall Wilson and Aaron Rosenberg. There are actually a few novellas set before the events of Incursion but I had no trouble picking this story up as this book is mostly independent of the previous stories.

Our main character R.C. Hayes and his partner have been sent by the bureau to investigate a murder in the Flathead Indian Reservation. What makes this murder so different is that the victim has been killed with a well-placed arrow to his throat. As the pair looks further into the case, they discover that this is only the tip of the iceberg and more deaths are coming. Along the way R.C. is joined by a gorgeous and mysterious Spanish woman who seems to know what is really happening at the reservation. Can they put a stop to the events and restore peace to the reservation?

This isn’t the first time that R.C. has encountered the supernatural. When R.C. was serving in the military, there was an incident in Uppsala that wiped out all of his team except him. He couldn’t believe what he saw as none of it made sense. So it was really great to see R.C. transform from a sceptic to a believer through the course of this book. His cool-headedness is also a wonderful contrast to the gung-ho attitude of Isabella and the two of them make a superb team together.

Like I said before, I’m a sucker for mythologies and I really enjoyed how the different beings from Native American myths are brought to this story. Rosenberg did a great job linking various myths and the plot together to bring a satisfying end to this story.

Incursion is a fun and entertaining story. In the ending we finally get to see what the O.C.L.T. is and what it is that they do. This story is only a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that builds towards something bigger and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for the O.C.L.T. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a good well-written supernatural story.

You can find out more about O.C.L.T. at the following link. O. C. L. T. A new Series for Fans of X-Files, Buffy, Angel and Fringe

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