Waiting Game by J.L. Ficks and J.E. Dugue

Shade has grown into the deadliest assassin the men of Doljinaar have ever known. Thirsting for a challenge, Shade accepts a job to slay an ultra powerful crimelord that could brand him an enemy of his own criminal underworld. A tale of pride and confidence, Shade chooses to take his mark head on. This time he waits for his enemy to come to him. How many waves of monstrous foes can Shade gamble before the sheer numbers prove too much? How long can one lone assassin last until he falls victim to his own deadly waiting game?

Waiting Game is the first novel set in Covent, a world created by J.L. Ficks and J.E. Dugue. This is a massive world similar to Forgotten Realms with an extensive list of races and creatures. What attracted me to this book is the awesome cover by Thom Scott and the amazing website. This is one of the most detailed and interactive websites I’ve seen for any book series.

The character Shade reminds me of R.A. Salvatore’s Artemis Entreri when we first meet him in Streams of Silver. Like Entreri, Shade is a trained killer and he is sure of himself and proud of his abilities.

The story itself is simple enough. While looking for a challenge to pass his time, Shade takes on the seemingly impossible job of assassinating the powerful crimelord Lewd. Before Shade can reach his mark though, he must first dispatch hordes of opponents standing in his way.

I’ll start with things I didn’t like as much. Covent is an immense world and obviously the authors wanted to show that off. However the first part of the book was presenting too much information for worldbuilding sake without driving the story forward. Also I feel detached with the third person narrative. Much of the story was just simply Shade did this or Shade did that. I would like to get into Shade’s head to understand his motives and what makes him tick.

That said, the fight scenes I thought were great. First there were tension. Then the description of the fights themselves paint a vivid scene in your mind. It also doesn’t hurt that these scenes are backed up by some amazing illustrations.

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