The Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along – Final Week

It’s the final week of the Lies of Locke Lamora read along and it has been a fantastic journey. I really enjoyed reading the book as well as discovering what everyone else thinks of it.

The final questions to the read along are provided by Lynn at Lynn’s Book Blog. Without further ado, the questions are:

1. The Thorn of Camorr is renowned – he can beat anyone in a fight and he steals from the rich to give to the poor. Except of course that clearly most of the myths surrounding him are based on fantasy and not fact. Now that the book is finished how do you feel the man himself compares to his legend. Did you feel that he changed as the story progressed and, if so, how did this make you feel about him by the time the conclusion was reached?
Legend tends to blow things out of proportion and obviously Locke is not Robin Hood. He doesn’t give to the poor and he only does things when it suits him or challenges him.

I think the events in the book has given Locke a new perspective in life. Before he was satisfied with conning the nobels out of their money but I believe he nows want to accomplish more. I’m not sure if he’ll do something good or bad though but would be interesting to find out.

2. Scott Lynch certainly likes to give his leading ladies some entertaining and strong roles to play. We have the Berangia sisters – and I definitely wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of them or their blades plus Dona Vorchenza who is the Spider and played a very cool character – even play acting to catch the Thorn. How did you feel about the treatment the sisters and Dona received at the hands of Jean and Locke – were you surprised, did it seem out of character at all or justified?
I think the sisters got what they deserved. Afterall they are trained warriors and Jean beat them both in a fair fight. And Vorchenza thought Locke to be a gentlemen, but how wrong was she? Despite what happened to her, I think Locke treated her fairly well under the circumstances.

3. Towards the end we saw a little more of the magic and the history of the Bondsmagi. The magic, particularly with the use of true names, reminds me a little of old fashioned witchcraft or even voodoo. But, more than that I was fascinated after reading the interlude headed ‘The Throne in Ashes’ about the Elderglass and the Elders and why their structures were able to survive even against the full might of the Bondsmagi – do you have any theories about this do you think it’s based on one of our ancient civilisations or maybe similar to a myth??
I don’t have an explanation, maybe the Elderglass is magic proof and immune to any form of damage. I wonder if we’ll ever know where the Elderglass comes from.

4. We have previously discussed Scott Lynch’s use of description and whether it’s too much or just spot on. Having got into the last quarter of the book where the level of tension was seriously cranked up – did you still find, the breaks for interludes and the descriptions useful or, under the circumstances did it feel more like a distraction?
I still enjoyed the interludes, because I like reading about the backstory. They offer a short break from all the action in this intense finale.

5. Now that the book has finished how did you feel about the conclusion and the eventual reveal about the Grey King and more to the point the motivations he declared for such revenge – does it seem credible, were you expecting much worse or something completely different altogether?
I know some people can really hold grudges so I’m not surprised that the Grey King waited for so long to get his revenge. I am a little surprise that he doesn’t have more people around to protect him. Maybe he was over confident with the bondsmage? I did secretly wish that the Grey King is someone Locke knows though. That would have driven Locke nuts.

6. Were you surprised that Locke, being given two possible choices (one of which could possibly mean he would miss his chance for revenge on the Grey King) chose to go back to the Tower – especially given that (1) he would have difficulty in getting into the building (2) he would have difficulty in convincing them about the situation and (3) he would have difficulty in remaining free afterwards? Did anyone else nearly pee their pants when Locke and the rest were carrying the sculptures up to the roof garden?
I knew Locke would go back to save those people. After everything he’s done, he never intended to hurt his victims and he would never want to see so many people dead. Yeah and the moment with the sculptures was tense.

7. Finally, the other question I would chuck in here is that, following the end of the book I was intrigued to check out some of the reviews of LOLL and noticed that the negative reviews mentioned the use of profanity. How did you feel about this – was it excessive? Just enough? Not enough?
I thought the profanity suited the situation, afterall they are thieves and you can’t expect them to talk like nobles when they are by themselves. Another issue that I see people have is that the profanity is too modern but this is a made up world so Lynch can use anything that he sees fit. However if this was a historical fantasy then I can understand where their concern is coming from.

8. Okay one further, and probably most important but very quick question – having finished, will you pick up the sequel, Red Seas Under Red Skies?
Yes, definitely! Just waiting for the next read along to start.

OK, here’s a question of my own. Do you think Locke went over the top with Falconer or he got what he deserved? Afterall the Bondsmage is only a gun for hire and did what he was told.

Remember to check everyone’s answers over at Little Red Reviewer.


  1. Yes! The Berangias Sisters got everything they deserved from Jean! I don’t usually go for fight scenes, but I just love how Lynch writes them. So many authors just give me the stage direction, whereas Lynch gives me the shape, the flavor, the feel of what’s happening. I am afraid for Jean, I am worried for him, I don’t want him to be hurt, and as the scene continues, all i want is for him to finish off those wicked sisters!

    I’m happy Locke went back to the Tower to attempt to save everyone. Sure, he likes to steal from people and he likes to game and con people, but it’s like that saying: “it’s all fun and games until someone gets gentled, and then it ain’t so fun anymore, is it?”. Just like you said, he doesn’t want to see anyone hurt. He might be a bastard, but he’s not a stone cold asshole.

    I wish the Grey King reveal had come earlier, just like I wish we’d met Dona Vorchenza (who I adore!!) earlier.


  2. I really like Jean. I just hope Lynch doesn’t kill him off in the other books.


  3. I love the fact that the sisters got beaten by the sisters! Poetic justice. They definitely got what they deserved!! I love Jean – he is my hero! If he’d died in that scene I would have bitch slapped Lynch!! LOL
    About the Falconer – I can see why they did what they did but, like you say, he is just a gun for hire – but what else could they do really? They didn’t kill him but they left him in a bad way – I really didn’t like him though so I can’t find it in me to have too much sympathy!
    Lynn 😀


  4. I think the guild will now send a horde of Bondsmagi to teach Locke and Jean that they are not to be messed with.


  5. Good Q there at the end. The Bondsmagi might have been just a hired gun, but he enjoyed his work too much. I think that helped push Locke over the edge to torture.


  6. I wonder if torture will become a habit for Locke?


  7. I don’t really think Locke and Jean went overboard with the Bondsmagi. Ok, yes, it was rather gruesome and cold-blooded but considreing what they suffered at the hand of the Falconer and the Grey King, I believe it was justified.
    I was certainly surprised myself when I realized I condoned torture at that part. I never ever do. But it just makes Mr. Lynch a terribly good writer in my opinion to get me to believe that.


  8. Exactly! I usually turn away from such things but it just shows what goes around comes around.


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