Jack Hunter – Secret of the King by Martin King

Pour two measures of Indiana Jones and one of National Treasure into a cocktail shaker; add a portion of Famous Five with a small dash of The Goonies for extra flavour. Jack Hunter – Secret of the King entwines suspense with adventure that keeps readers gripped and guessing until the very end. Download free sample and find out what all the hype is about. The adventure begins now…
If you loved National Treasure then you will definitely love Jack Hunter – Secret of the King. There is excitement, adventure, horrible villains and treasure, pretty much everything you ever wanted in a children’s novel.

The story of Jack’s adventure begins with a gold coin and a mystery from his grandfather. Being 12 years of age and having too much spare time, Jack quickly begins to unravel the mystery behind the gold coin and its secret treasure. However Jack is not the only one who is interested in finding the treasure. Can Jack and his friends get to it before the other person does?

Jack Hunter reminds me of the classic adventure stories that I used to read when I was younger. It is fast paced and well written novel with a fine cast of engaging characters. Each member of the group has their own strengths and brings a good balance to the dynamics of the group. I also enjoyed how the book mixes history and myths together to add a bit of extra depth to this highly imaginative story.

You should also pay attention to the little clues found in the book as they help reveal the secret to unlocking the puzzle on the author’s website.

Jack Hunter – Secret of the King is a fun and exciting start to an adventure series for young readers.

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