Caged View by Kenya Wright

Caged View is a collection of short stories set before the events of Fire Baptized. I know this is a prequel but to fully appreciate these short stories, I highly recommend reading Fire Baptized first as these stories serve as explorations into the main characters’ pasts. Just like Fire Baptized, the stories are well-written and extremely enjoyable.

Love lost, Love found is told from the point of view of a young MeShack. The story deals with the time the Werecheetah lost his mother and how his beast took control in hunting down his mother’s killer.

In The Heart Ripper’s Song, Zulu has a plan to stop the proliferation of drugs in the Mixbreeds neighbourhood which involves ripping out the hearts of drug dealers. Lanore correctly points out that this is not the most efficent way to do things and they should instead be going after the bigger fish, the cartels themselves.

Now we switch to the female lead and Lanore has to make up her mind on the two guys in her life in The Vicious Circle. But which is the right decision?

Last but not least is an excerpt from the upcoming YA novel, Chameleon. Cameo is a Mixbreed with an interesting ability to morph into another person. It already shows a promising start, can’t wait to see how things will turn out for Cameo.

You can pick up these short stories for free at Smashwords and if you like it, be sure to get a copy ofFire Baptized too.

Challenges read for:

2012 Self-Published Reading Challenge – Book 3


2012 Ebook Challenge – Book 10


  1. Ken
    Thanks so much for checking out my short story collection! I will be sending you ARC’s of Burning Bush and Cameo this summer!

    Thanks again!


  2. Thanks! Keep up with your great work.