Awesome Cover for Betrayer

Are you following Aaron Dembski Bowden on Facebook? If not, then you should be doing it right now. To celebrate the fan page reaching 2,000 fans, Aaron has released the cover for the upcoming Horus Heresy story, Betrayer on his blog.

Betrayer cover art by Neil Roberts

I’m really loving the details and the expressions on Lorgar’s and Angron’s faces. Also, who knew the Ultramarines can spill so much blood?

This is going to be another epic Horus Heresy novel to look forward to!


  1. Stunning! Most of the covers all make me wish I could read the series, but I got lost on the first one and couldn’t make head nor tail of any of it. Not enough testosterone? Should I re-try?


  2. There are lots of authors writing the series, some are really good an some are so so. I had the same problem as you with the first book in the series. There were just too many characters for me to get my head round and I keep forgetting who was who.

    I really like the books by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, they are a lot more character driven.