Fantastic eBook Sale at Angry Robot

Just in case you don’t know already, there’s an amazing sale going at Angry Robot where you can pick up some awesome genre fiction at half price!

There’s no way I can pass up on such a great deal, and here’s what I bought.

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes

A Red Tentacle Award winner and shortlisted for both Arthur C Clarke and British Science Fiction Award. Now there’s even a plan to turn the book into a movie. I’m going to see if it really does live up to its hype.

Reality 36 by Guy Haley

I’m a sucker for detective novels and mysteries. So when Reality 36 is described as Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century, it definitely has piqued my interest. Also Erik at I Will Read Books has given so muchpraise to this book and I trust his judgement.

Embedded by Dan Abnett

Dan Abnett writing science-fiction again but this time using his own world instead of the 40k universe. I enjoy his writing, and I’m looking forward to see what he can do when given a world of his own making.

6 Month Subscription

I decided to get the subscription because Angry Robot is going to publish so many great books that I want to read. Empire State, Giant Thief, Dead Harvest, Carpathia and The Alchemist of Souls are just some of them. I also can’t wait to discover new authors through the subscription.

So looks like I will be posting a lot more reviews of Angry Robot books in the coming months.


  1. Those e-book sale is indeed fantastic! I like reading books but I find some of the books that I like expensive. I hope there’d be grand e-book sale too on Craigslist Philippines site.