Awesome Artworks from Black Library and Early Christmas Presents

One of the reasons why I love Black Library books so much is because of their awesome covers and recently I spotted these great pieces by Jon Sullivan for the forthcoming novel Wrath of Iron. I think these are some fantastical pieces that realy capture the mood of epic battles led by the superhuman Space Marines.


While browsing through Jon’s gallery, I realise that he is also the artist behind many of the book covers that have caught my eye in the past few years, such as The Sea Watch by Adrian Tchaikovsky and The Technician by Neal Asher. He surely is a very talented and busy man.

And today I received some early Christmas presents from my fiance and surprise surprise, they are all Black Library books!

I’ve heard a lot about the Night Lords series from Stefan at Civilian Reader, and I’m looking forward to reading these. As for the Nagash books, these will be my first foray into the Time of Legend series, hope they’ll be a good start for me.

I’m really excited about these presents. Will you be getting any books this Christmas?