2011 Hong Kong Book Fair

So an other year and an other book fair has come and gone. The Hong Kong book fair is an annual event that spans across a week and attracts over 1 million visitors that consists of locals and tourists. The focus should be on getting people to read but as usual the news that dominated newspapers’ headlines are not about books but about the Leng Mo’s and their “Pictorial Books”.

Basically the Leng Mo’s are the equivalent to Page 3 Girls in the UK but with clothes intact. Despite keeping their clothes on, they act way more slutty and I think the Page 3 Girls are much more wholesome when compared to these models. More of them can be found here, Soft models feed fans dessert at HK book fair [China Buzz]

Besides physical books, this year’s fair had a strong focus on ebooks. The demand for digital books in Chinese is growing significantly as more and more Chinese people nowadays own a smart device that is capable of digital reading. There is still no clear market leader that provides Chinese ebooks and all the publishers are competing for a share of this highly lucrative market.

I spent around two hours at the fair and couldn’t help but buy some books in the end. Even with the advantages of switching over to paperless reading, to me there is still something special about having a physical book in my hands. I just wish they had more fantasy books for sale though, maybe better luck next year?

Here are the books that I bought: